Marine Foam
Seats & Cushioning
Sound Deadening


Comfort, Flotation and Insulation – We have it all!

From flotation and cushioning to sound deadening and thermal insulation, there are many applications for foam in the marine industry. As a supplier to this market since 1976, Amcon has a deep understanding of the challenges presented by the harsh marine environment.

  • We have extensive experience in designing, selecting and fabricating foam for boat seats and cushions.

  • At our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility we can laminate multiple foams together to provide soft initial compression with a firmer supportive foam underneath. Amcon also offers kitting services to minimize handling and improve efficiency.

  • We stock several grades of Coast Guard-approved foam for flotation. We can shape foams to fit the areas where others rely on sprayed liquid foam.

  • Boat manufacturers also count on us for thermal insulation and engine compartment insulation foam that isolates and attenuates sound and vibration.

Our marine specialists can provide advice about foam design to assure optimal yields or can look at existing parts for cost savings. Most important to you, Amcon’s greatest strength is our customer service—we are invested in the success of your project.