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Industrial Foam

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PlugsThere are many industrial applications for foam including filters, gaskets, fenestration, seals and sound attenuation. At Amcon we understand the unique characteristics of a wide variety of foams and can be an invaluable resource for your project. You’ll also be pleased by the speed, convenience and pricing we can offer.

  • We fabricate all types of polyester, polyether, neoprene foam and cross-linked polyethylene foam for a range of industrial applications.

  • Whether you need to filter air or liquids we offer foam in any shape or quantity, in many different porosities.

  • Amcon provides a wide variety of gasketing foams including open cell, closed-cell and low-permeability foams.

  • Amcon supplies sound attenuation foams that address both high and low frequencies via the right material and thickness.

With our wide variety of foams and state of the art manufacturing capabilities, we can offer you fast quotes, prototypes and production runs. Most important to you, Amcon’s greatest strength is our customer service—we are invested in the success of your project.